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BY Amadej PetanŞ

The production company İCK FILM & PRODUCTION sought out to meet all of the needs of an action scene from start to finish. Since 2012, they have been involved in the design and production of various TV shows and films, including Diriliş Erturul, Mehmet Bir Cihan Fatihi, and Sacred Fight. Today, they have grown our professional crew as a production and production firm to develop visual content that will resonate with the audience, regardless of its type, size, or platform. They oversee the entire project production process, from filming to post-production.

Their Kuzgun Academy is an excellent Acting School where students may build a strong foundation and prepare for a career in the industry. They ensure that no matter the curriculum you choose as a student, you will receive a great education from professors who are passionate about their work.

They provide a variety of action scene acting classes. It is a dynamic and exciting art form that is utilized in theater and film to give the illusion of violence while keeping actors as safe as possible. Fighting and violence occur when words fail to appropriately communicate our emotions; so, it is not unexpected that writers regularly use violence and fights at critical points in the narrative they are attempting to tell. Writers utilize violence to significantly change the course of their stories, from Shakespeare to Shepard, and actors must be capable of portraying that violence safely and successfully on stage or in cinema.

You can get more information on their website.

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