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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Filmlab office is located in the heart of Ramallah, Palestine, and is open to film makers and viewers to use its space for meetings and film screenings, to test the cinematic experience, and to initiate film production.

Its concept was inspired by the founders' personal experiences in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, and it came to enable Palestinian youth to tell their stories and document their collective memory through the art of filmmaking.

Filmmaking talents are supported by:

• Workshops.

• Residencies.

• Capacity building programmes.

Film production is supported by:

• Co-productions in Palestine.

• Co-productions abroad.

• Equipment Support.

• Sunbird Stories.

Filmlab's cinema culture programs include:

• Palestine Cinema Days.

• Next Generation Program.

• Film Screenings & Dialogue Sessions.

In addition, Filmlab office is equipped with production and post production facilities, available for free to filmmakers who meet eligibility criteria; and for a small fee to others. Eligible filmmakers are prioritized.

You can visit their site here

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