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Mark Broadnax
Mark Broadnax

Crack Relux Pro [BEST]

Leather Protection Cream is a water based product that gently protects aniline and pigmented leather. It becomes an invisible, breathable barrier providing protection against oil, water and alcohol based stains as well as helping to resist the effects of daily soiling. Leather Protection Cream will also keep your leather lovely and supple, and when used regularly prevents pigmented leather from cracking due to excessive dryness. Do not use on Nubuck and Suede leather.

Crack relux pro

TMJ can lead to significant wear and cracking of your teeth. GERD can lead to acid in your mouth, which attacks the tooth enamel, making it thinner and softer. This makes your teeth more prone to cracking and erosion.

Also known as increased intestinal permeability, leaky gut occurs when you get cracks or holes in your gut lining. When that happens, the contents of your gut, such as partially digested food or toxins, can leak out into the bloodstream and cause a body-wide inflammatory response, the end result being acne. Leaky gut can also lead to hormonal imbalances, the likes of which produce androgens (growth and reproduction hormones) that incite acne.


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